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October 2015

Financial Planning Insurance OFW

Who is your Financial Advisor???

financial advisor

Most financial products offered by insurance companies today have almost the same concept, that is, they all have insurance and investment features. Stability wise, I can say that they are all safe to invest with since they are highly regulated by our government thru Insurance Commission. So what could be that one of the many factors to be considered in buying or investing in these plans? Ladies and gentlemen, kindly take into account your Financial Advisor! Continue Reading

Financial Health Insurance OFW

Insurance and How it Touches My Life (A personal testimony on the benefits of Life Insurance)

my personal testimony

My father was a great sales person.  When he was a teenager, he sells adobong mani (peanuts) and crispy chicharon to commuters bound to Bulacan and Cabanatuan by transferring from one bus to another.  He also sells soft drinks and water which is a sure hit, as he knows that customers will get thirsty after they eat a pack of chicharon. Continue Reading