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December 2015

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Money Saving Tips 101: Exploring Divisoria (Part I)


My 3 years old son will be the ring bearer to one of our close friends’ wedding.   As advised, he needs to wear a powder blue long sleeves, a dark gray vest, a peach neck tie, black pants and black shoes.  To buy all these, there is only one place that came into my mind- DIVISORIA!

For me, this place is so fantastic that I can’t imagine a thing you need that you can’t find here.  Aside from a huge variety of goods that you can buy here, one of the many reasons why people go here is to SAVE money.  Items are cheaper, especially if you’re buying in bulk.  You can negotiate with vendors (in short, pwede pang tumawad!).  Quality wise, products are OK in general.  I have clothes that I can still wear till now and toys that are still being played by my kids.  Continue Reading