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Define Your Goal: A Guide on Goal Setting According to Your Life Stage.

Life Stages

Goal setting is defined as the process of identifying something that you want to accomplish, and establishing measurable goals and timeframes.  It is equivalent to determining your future destination.  It can be owning a brand new Toyota Fortuner at age 25, or having your own house and lot worth P5 Million when you reached 30 years old, or even having a happy and early retirement at age 55. Continue Reading

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Investing Made Easy: Mutual Fund

                                                                  mutual fund

I know you are already familiar with stock market and how it works, but you still have that hesitation in you, a fear of entering something new. Honestly, we have now tools that made investing in stock market easier, BPI Trade or COL Financial as example. You just need to open an account with them then you can already start buying and selling stocks! Continue Reading