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Money Saving Tips 101: Exploring Divisoria (Part I)


My 3 years old son will be the ring bearer to one of our close friends’ wedding.   As advised, he needs to wear a powder blue long sleeves, a dark gray vest, a peach neck tie, black pants and black shoes.  To buy all these, there is only one place that came into my mind- DIVISORIA!

For me, this place is so fantastic that I can’t imagine a thing you need that you can’t find here.  Aside from a huge variety of goods that you can buy here, one of the many reasons why people go here is to SAVE money.  Items are cheaper, especially if you’re buying in bulk.  You can negotiate with vendors (in short, pwede pang tumawad!).  Quality wise, products are OK in general.  I have clothes that I can still wear till now and toys that are still being played by my kids.  Continue Reading

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Who is your Financial Advisor???

financial advisor

Most financial products offered by insurance companies today have almost the same concept, that is, they all have insurance and investment features. Stability wise, I can say that they are all safe to invest with since they are highly regulated by our government thru Insurance Commission. So what could be that one of the many factors to be considered in buying or investing in these plans? Ladies and gentlemen, kindly take into account your Financial Advisor! Continue Reading

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No Worries with Credit Cards

Credit card

Are you a credit card holder?  Do you love swiping them every time you spotted a new pair of shoes, or a very fashionable bag, or the latest Apple gadget? Have you ever experienced paying Interest/Finance Charge or Late Payment Fees because you were not able to pay, at least the minimum amount due, on time?

If you are to ask me, then my answer is a big YES!  But that was before. :) Continue Reading

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Spend Wisely. Spend Smartly.


Money comes, and money goes… But you always wonder where does it go?  You receive your salary monthly, but it just passes our hand.  It is credited in our payroll account, then suddenly it’s gone!

This may have something to do with our spending habits. We spend like there will never be tomorrow.  We love to be a one-day millionaire.  We’re so much into new gadgets, unlimited vacation trips, eat-all-you can foodtrips, and so on and so forth.  Yes, this is our way to pay ourselves for our hardwork and stress, but everything must be in moderation… :) Continue Reading

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Why Invest in Variable Unit Linked (VUL) Product?


Life Insurance is the most neglected financial product by many, where in fact, it is the most important asset to have, especially by breadwinners of the family.  In earlier years, if you introduced yourself as an “insurance agent”, people will automatically try to avoid you.  Why? Continue Reading

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rubber stamp with inscription INSURANCE

My mother is an agency manager in the biggest and most trusted insurance company in the country.  She’s been working there since she is 21 years old and even up to now that she’s already 68.   My father, on the other hand, is also an insurance agent in the same company for more than 30 years.  With my parents Continue Reading

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Define Your Goal: A Guide on Goal Setting According to Your Life Stage.

Life Stages

Goal setting is defined as the process of identifying something that you want to accomplish, and establishing measurable goals and timeframes.  It is equivalent to determining your future destination.  It can be owning a brand new Toyota Fortuner at age 25, or having your own house and lot worth P5 Million when you reached 30 years old, or even having a happy and early retirement at age 55. Continue Reading