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Don’t Invest in the Stock Market This Holy Week

Jesus Christ on the Cross


Holy Week is the most important celebration for the Catholic Church. It commemorates the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Since Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Black Saturday are also public holidays, some flock to tourist destinations and have their vacation. But I believe that there are still majority of people who prefers to spend time in reflecting on the life of Jesus and goes to Church to have their “Visita Iglesia” (Visit of Pilgrim Churches).  Some will participate in church activities such as the Way of the Cross, processions of statues, attending Holy Mass, hearing the “Sietes Palabras” (Seven Last Words of Jesus) and going to confession.

To do their share in the passion of Christ, some will practice abstinence (do not eat meat), fasting (eating less than usual or eating at least two times a day, instead of three times) and praying.  It is a must for Catholics.  But there are more practical ways in which we can practice all of these.  Small practical sacrifices will do.  One good example is refraining or limiting yourself from using facebook, or not eating your favorite “chichirya” (junk foods/chips) or your favorite food, instead, eat vegetables and fruits.  Others can promise not to drink cold water as part of their sacrifice. You may also want to do good deeds like visiting a sick person and the likes.

Of course, one good practice of sacrifice is this: DON’T INVEST THIS HOLY WEEK!

Don’t get me wrong because there is really no connection between Holy Week and the stock market.  Let us just do something good at least for this season, a little sacrifice. Instead of enriching ourselves, why not enrich other people’s lives especially the needy.  At least once in a year, let us try to forget ourselves and be mindful of others.  Even in our own little ways.

Why not, instead of investing, give alms to the poor, or invite a few street children and let them eat in Jollibee, or buy groceries and give them to street dwellers that you will see. Maybe you can donate to charities and the mass offerings that could reach a lot of people.

While it is important to save and invest for our future, it is more important to save our soul and save and invest in heavenly riches!  This is our very purpose in life, to be like our Creator, God.

I hope that we can all spend a very meaningful Lenten season.

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