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Insurance and How it Touches My Life (A personal testimony on the benefits of Life Insurance)

my personal testimony

My father was a great sales person.  When he was a teenager, he sells adobong mani (peanuts) and crispy chicharon to commuters bound to Bulacan and Cabanatuan by transferring from one bus to another.  He also sells soft drinks and water which is a sure hit, as he knows that customers will get thirsty after they eat a pack of chicharon.

At early 20’s, he shifted his career as janitor in Philam Life Office in Baliuag, Bulacan where he met my mom, who is then, the operations manager.  Then the rest was history! :) After marriage, my dad had the chance to go back to his first love, selling.  But this time, selling life insurance products. My mom resigned as operations manager and decided to join my dad in Philam Life’s sales force.  Later, they built their own agency within Philam Life called Pagaduan Agency.

According to my parents, selling life insurance products that time was quite challenging.  Most clients would not entertain insurance agents, as life insurance connotes a negative vibes since it is death related.  But being a good salespersons (which I think is inborn to both of them), a lot of their prospects trusted them and availed life insurance plans.  I remember my Dad would always bring a basket of fruits or vegetables to a client and would claim that he is the one who personally harvested it from our backyard.  Where in fact, he just actually bought it from a roadside vendor while going to the client’s house. He has this natural charisma which helps him a lot in closing a sale.

In October 2004, my Dad suffered from stroke which resulted to his total disability. He was confined at UST Hospital for more than a month, half of it is under Intensive Care Unit. Aside from expensive hospital bills, we also incurred huge post-recovery expenses, such as maintenance medicines, follow-up check-ups and therapies.  But thank God my parents are Life Insurance Agents!  They are very much aware on the importance of insurance, therefore, have availed different plans that serve as our financial protection from events like this.  We were able to claim our Dad’s health insurance benefit which helped our family to recover from that unexpected big financial setback.

This scenario became my turning point to understand more the true essence of life insurance.  It opened my mind on how it is really beneficial to everyone.  I also believe that this event did not just have an impact to our family, but to my parent’s clients as well.  When they heard the news, they were really saddened but at the same time, they appreciated the importance of life insurance.

After almost 11 years of being disabled, my Dad passed away last September 28, 2015 due to pneumonia.  Heaven and earth cried.  A lot of people from all walks of life visited his remains – from different church organizations, local government officials, relatives, friends, Philam Life colleagues and his clients. They lost a friend, a financial advisor, a mentor. We lost a father and a husband to my mom.

In reality, no amount of preparation can ease the pain when a loved one leaves you.  But, it can make you feel lighter, somehow, knowing that you were left financially prepared thru Life Insurance Coverage.  Now, I fully understand what he always tells me before, that being a life insurance agent or a financial advisor is a very noble job.  It is our mission to help people achieve their dreams, be it financial stability for their family or good education for their children or income continuation for those that they will left behind, regardless of any risk life has to offer.

Thanks to you, Daddy. I promise to continue your mission of educating and providing financial security and prosperity to all people I meet and let them have that peace of mind that whatever happens to them, their dreams and goals for their family will be achieved. I love you. May God, Jesus, Mama Mary and all the angel and saints be with you in your journey to heaven.


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