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Money Saving Tips 101: Exploring Divisoria (Part I)


My 3 years old son will be the ring bearer to one of our close friends’ wedding.   As advised, he needs to wear a powder blue long sleeves, a dark gray vest, a peach neck tie, black pants and black shoes.  To buy all these, there is only one place that came into my mind- DIVISORIA!

For me, this place is so fantastic that I can’t imagine a thing you need that you can’t find here.  Aside from a huge variety of goods that you can buy here, one of the many reasons why people go here is to SAVE money.  Items are cheaper, especially if you’re buying in bulk.  You can negotiate with vendors (in short, pwede pang tumawad!).  Quality wise, products are OK in general.  I have clothes that I can still wear till now and toys that are still being played by my kids. 

With that, I would like to share this with you so you’ll have other option in shopping especially in cases where you have a limited budget, or if you’re planning to start a small business and want to maximize your capital.  For this article, we only focused on specific streets in Divisoria called Sta. Elena Street and Tabora Street.  Here are some items that you can find here:

1.  Ready to Wear Clothes (RTW)

Along Tabora Street, you can find Ledesma Building.  Go to Pasilio A and you can see a line of shops selling RTWs, most of them are school and office uniforms.  There are short sleeves and long sleeves polo, skirts for girls and shorts/slacks for boys, t-shirts and jogging pants for PE uniforms.  Note that these are all available in different sizes and colors.  They even have a complete set of girl scouts and boy scouts uniforms, chef jackets and pants, and nurse floral uniforms.  I was able to buy 1 small long sleeves for my son for only P160 and a black slacks for P120.  This price can still be negotiated if you buy with more quantity.


2.  Suits, Barong, Gowns

Across this building is Yangco building with majority of stores selling Suits, Barongs and Gowns for all occasions.  They have stylish bridal gowns, debutant’s gown and even gowns that can be used for Santa Cruzan (sagala).   They also have various design of dresses for Principal and Secondary Sponsors, and gowns for flower girls.  Accessories such as crown and tiara are also being sold from some of the stores.  Some shops also accepts made to order gowns which are based on client’s preferred design.


3.  Textile

Also in this building, you can find stores selling textile.  If you’re into a garment business or planning to start one, then you might consider visiting this place to find a good supplier which can provide you textile or cloths at a cheaper rate.


4.  Souvenirs, Costumes, Costume Accessories, Party Designs and Mascots

Tabora Street is popular for its sidewalk vendors selling souvenir items.  You can find all kinds of stuffs from mug, figurines, abaca baskets, stuff toys, jars and anything that can serve as a souvenir for any occasion.

Different costumes are also available here.  From Disney princesses’ gowns, popular cartoon characters costume, United Nations costume, and different accessories like mascara, angel or butterfly wings, plain and colored feathers, crown, tiaras, different kind of head dresses and more.  Say it, they have it!

I also noticed that most of the shops sell paper mache letters in different sizes.  These are commonly used in parties as decoration for dessert and candy buffet.  Some stores also sell mascots.  Some of the characters are Mickey Mouse, Princess Sophia, Ben 10, Naruto, and Hello Kitty.  Each complete set of mascot costs P8,500 but, as always, price is still negotiable.


5.  Kitchen Tools and Utensils

Still in Tabora Street, you can see some stores selling cooking pots, pans, kettle, mortar and pestle and other kitchen utensils.  These are best if you are planning to start a carinderia or even a small catering business.


6.  Christmas Decors

Since its Christmas season, Christmas Decors are also all over the streets of Divisoria.   You can buy Christmas trees available in different sizes and designs, Christmas balls, Poinsettia, glittered plastic flowers, lanterns, Christmas lights, and more.  But note, that for Christmas lights, I still prefer to buy them from malls or from any of your trusted shop for security purposes.

One of our “suki shop” when it comes to decors is located at 2nd floor of New Divisoria Center Bldg., along Sta. Elena St.

Here you can buy Santa’s Hut at P96 per dozen, 1 dozen glittered flower décor at P144- which is also on Buy1 Take1 promo (that makes it 2 dozens), 18pcs Christmas balls for only P100.  Other items are also on sale, so I can assure you that when it comes to savings, you’ll never regret buying in here.

Christmas Decor

7.  Toys

Also in New Divisoria Center Building, you can find a haven of affordable toys.  They have stuff toys, remote control cars, bicycles, action figures, dolls, clay, balls, and many many more!  Some small toys can be bought for as low as P10ea, and some are 3pcs for P100.  Most of the people who come here have their own business where they buy toys in wholesale and resell them at tiangge or bazaar.  Some buy toys for their children’s party loot bags.  You can drop by here anytime from 9:00 AM daily, and you might be able to consider to start your own toy reselling business.

toys 1 toys 2

8.  Fruits and Vegetables

Divisoria is also known for fruits and vegetables.  Along Sta. Elena Street you can find a line-up of vendors selling fresh fruits and vegetables.  You can buy apples or oranges at P100 for 5 pcs., kiat-kiat at P25 per small pack and P50 per big pack.  There are also other fruits such as melon, strawberries, pears, longan, persimmons, etc.  You can also buy lemon here for as low as P50 for 7pcs, which is a very good price if you are planning to start a lemonade kiosk business.

fruits and vegetables

9.  Slippers, Sandals, and Shoes

Of course, slippers and shoes will always be present in the long list of items you can find in Divisoria.  You can find different designs and styles both for kids and for adult.  Average price range for rubber slippers is P50, and P200 for flats and doll shoes.

shoes and sandals

10.  Anything under the sun

Sta. Elena Street’s side walk vendors offer variety of items.  You can find toys and stuff toys with different character design such as Mickey Mouse, Minions, Sesame Street and Barney.  There are pillows with AlDub pictures, sling bags and coin purse, doormats, kids underpants, fortune plants, aquarium and fishes, different street foods like fried siomai, hotdogs, and french-fries.

You can also buy school supplies, made to order shirts and polo, caps and sun visors.  There are also bed sheets and pillow cases for only P150.

A lot of Christmas gift wrappers and Ang Pao Envelopes are also being peddled in the street.

others 2 others

Hope this short list of items can give you a quick overview on what is in store for you in visiting Divisoria.  Again, this is just the 1st part.  I’ll share again with you thru my next article the other spots in Divisoria I commonly visit to save money by buying things with quality at a lesser price.

Anyway, here is the picture of what I have bought for my son amounting to P620 only.  Do you think you can buy all of these in the mall for the same amount?  I don’t think so…


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