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Who is your Financial Advisor???

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Most financial products offered by insurance companies today have almost the same concept, that is, they all have insurance and investment features. Stability wise, I can say that they are all safe to invest with since they are highly regulated by our government thru Insurance Commission. So what could be that one of the many factors to be considered in buying or investing in these plans? Ladies and gentlemen, kindly take into account your Financial Advisor!

If you have almost the same financial products in the market, what could spell the difference is the Financial Advisor.  You may want to consider the following in choosing your Financial Advisor:

  1. Credibility. He should always wear his company ID every time he/she does business with you and must also give you his calling card.  You may want to interview him regarding his educational background, his tenure or years of service as Financial Advisor,  his awards or milestones in his career. You may also visit his company office and prefer to have your meeting there just to ensure that you are dealing with a legit financial advisor.
  2. Professionalism.  A professional Financial Advisor should always conduct a Know-Your-Customer or Financial Planning session with clients.  This is his way to assess and analyze your current financial condition, to know your goals, and determine the strategies in meeting your financial objectives.  An advisor should never do “product pushing” where he suggests plans or products that is not in line with client’s financial goal.  Professionalism can also be reflected by the way he dresses.  He should always wear something appropriate during your business meeting and he must always be on time.
  3. Expertise.  Always ask!  Make sure that you are satisfied with all his answers.  He should explain to you briefly the features of the product he is offering.  He should be knowledgeable with investment and insurance concepts and must be able to explain to you in layman’s term all the details you need to know.
  4. “Real” Financial Advisor. Check whether he is the person that you are comfortable to be with for the long term.  Remember that Client-Financial Advisor relationship does not end when you have closed the deal and you already received the policy contract.  This is just the beginning of a long term relationship and journey towards achieving your goals.  Your advisor should always be visible to you in terms of giving you updates on your policy status and investment account value, should conduct annual review and assessment for any changes in your financial need or goal.  He must provide you a quality service by assisting you in any updates or amendments with your policy, be it change in address, additional beneficiary or even helping you with your insurance claims.  A Financial Advisor should be there for you anytime you need him.

You must know your Financial Advisor well since we are talking here about your future and most especially, your hard earned money. You should have a long term relationship with him and consider him as your partner in achieving financial security and prosperity.

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